The Power of Music.

Music is a very powerful tool that can be used as a mental stimulation for our aging adults. With the rise in the life expectancy, we have a lot of seniors facing the problem of living in isolation and depression. Implementing Music Therapy for most seniors would tremendously engage and help prolong their lives more.

According to Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, “listening to music when used appropriately can shift moods, manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive interactions, facilitate cognitive functions and coordinate motor movements”.

River Oaks Homecare has a music therapy program that has proven to improve mental stimulation – promoting active and positive mental attitude, physical activity and interaction with others.

Here’s a 2012 YouTube about a man named Henry whose video went viral. Henry had suffered from Dementia for over a decade, he was always withdrawn and spent most of time in his wheelchair. Watch and enjoy how he responds to listening to his favorite songs on an ipod.