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Three Types Of Grants Available To Seniors

Aging can be expensive, and many seniors face costly healthcare issues and mounting living expenses that make budgets extremely tight. With little wiggle room in a senior’s budget, adequately meeting the financial demands of keeping their standard of living can be overwhelming. People who choose to age in place may need to make home modifications […]

Home Modification Tips For Safely Aging In Place

More than ever, seniors are opting to “age in place,” remaining in their homes or the homes of their loved ones during their golden years. This increase in the numbers of older adults living at home is partly due to the range of professional in-home care services available that enables seniors to live on their […]

Improve Your Loved One’s Quality Of Life

When we have elderly loved ones, we are always concerned about their physical and emotional wellbeing. For many older adults, changes in physical abilities can lead to withdrawal from activities, hobbies, and social interactions. A person’s quality of life is an essential component of their health and happiness, and often older people become isolated, which […]

Our Technology And Our Service Model

At River Oaks, part of our mission is access and the convenience of working with families to get the very best care plans for their senior family members. When you think about how that works, it relies on some specific types of communications and models that save time and energy for everyone who’s involved in […]

What To Know About In-Home Respite Care

Caring for your loved one at home can be both rewarding and challenging. While our loved ones thrive in our care, caregivers can experience stress from the strain of meeting their loved one’s emotional, physical, and medical needs. As a caregiver, self-care is essential to both you and your loved one.    Fortunately, services exist […]

Great Ways For Family Caregivers To Earn Some Extra Money

Acting as a caregiver for an elderly friend or family member can be challenging. Not only does acting as a caregiver take up a lot of your time, it can also negatively affect your finances. While there are many government-sponsored programs that pay family caregivers, the compensation allotted under these programs is not very much.  […]