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Three Ways a Home Health Aide Can Care for Seniors

Most senior citizens aspire to live alone for as long as possible. Seniors may also engage in healthy lifestyles that could help them to live independently during their declining years. However, seniors can develop certain health conditions that require them to get assistance from trained home health aide professionals. Some common age-related issues that a […]

Benefits Of Respite Care

Want to know about some of the benefits of having our company deliver trained respite care to seniors in the home?   Well, first of all, it’s important to understand what respite care is, and what it represents.   When you talk about the definition of respite care, what you’re talking about is backing up […]

Best Gifts For Elderly Loved Ones

It doesn’t have to be a holiday to give your elderly loved one a gift to brighten their day, help them stay organized, or keep them safe. If you’re looking for the perfect one to give your parent, grandparent, or other significant adults in your life, here are some great ideas that are sure to […]

Reasons Your Elderly Parent May Seem Angry

There is a common ageist stereotype among older adults – that they are angry. However, this stereotype isn’t actually accurate since most people’s emotions will “level out” as they age. Older adults have developed coping skills through the years that help them maintain an even keel, which helps them avoid stressing the small things.  However, […]

In-Home Care and Intellectual Disabilities

In-home care for the disabled is different than the same kinds of care for someone who is neuro- typical   We know that intuitively, and as families, we deal with that each day. As in-home care providers, we also know that having different systems in place for the disabled is important. When you read about […]

Great Fall Prevention Tips For Senior Citizens

If a person is lucky enough, they get to enjoy their golden years surrounded by the people they love. When you finally reach the age where you are classified as a senior citizen, you will have some pretty important decisions to make. One of the main things you need to consider when reaching this milestone […]

Getting Paid To Take Care Of Your Elderly Loved One

  When a family member gets older or becomes too sick to care for themselves, we naturally want to do everything we can to care for them. However, even our best intentions can be overshadowed by the realities of caring for an aging person. Being a family caregiver is challenging work, and the emotional and […]

Medicaid Waiver: What You Need To Know

Medicaid provides a provision under Medicaid law that is a Medicaid waiver. The federal government waives certain rules under specific circumstances that usually apply to the Medicaid program through a Medicaid waiver. The Medicaid waiver intends to allow states to accomplish particular goals like expanding coverage, reducing costs, or improving care for target groups like […]

River Oaks Home Care offers a Medical Alert System that’s there for you when you need it most

River Oaks Homecare understands how critical it is to have quality health monitoring and communication. Our goal is to reduce readmissions, build a high engagement of communication with seniors and help provide the proper emergency and non-emergency resources for them when a button is pressed or if a fall is detected. Using a PERS (Personal […]