Bathroom Safety: Non-Slip Mats.

An important bathroom safety installation that prevents and reduces the risk of fall are Non-slip bath mats. Non-slip bath mats are placed inside and outside of bathroom stalls to help prevent slips and falls by providing traction to the feet when wet.

Fall related injuries can result to head injuries, broken bones,hip fracture injuries and even spinal cord injuries. Non-slip mats not only provide extra security and stability, they also help when :

  • Getting in and out of the shower.
  • Reaching out for the towel bar and also trying to use the sink.
  • Sitting and getting up when using the toilet.

When buying a non-slip mat, it is important to:

  • Choose a mat with suction grips at the bottom. The suctions grips will stick to the bathtub and shower stalls preventing it from sliding.
  • Measure the tub and choose the mat that mostly covers the length of the tub as well.

Above all, let’s make sure that the bathrooms are well lit.

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