Care Plans And What’s Possible

How can a senior person stay in their own home and get the best possible home care, rather than moving to a facility?

We’re used to talking to families about this in detail as they make choices about care for mom or dad, or some other family member. Each of these cases is unique, and you have to look at it on a case-by-case basis. Some people may have to go to a facility – others may be able to stay at home.

There’s often a kind of risk analysis that applies to these questions. But by filling in care gaps, you help keep seniors safe while they are aging at home.

Collaborative Visitation

Of course, the prime component of home care is visits from either qualified clinical providers or other caregivers who are hired by a company to make the trip.

But then you can also combine that with visits from family members. When all of this is coordinated, you may be able to come up with a workable plan that addresses reasonable risk factors by making cooperation work!

It’s like the old saying “many hands get the job done quicker (or better).”

At-Home Support Systems

You obviously have to have conversations about outfitting a home for someone who is elderly and might have mobility challenges.

The ADA bathroom installations and things like that are often part of the discussion, and components of home safety. You can also have certain types of alarm systems that can be used if the person in question falls and is not able to get up, or if he/she encounters some other challenge and can’t get to a telephone.

Proactive Planning

Family members and caregivers can help plan for keeping the elderly person more autonomous with activities and connections to the community.

They can also look practically at how to pay for these types of care.

Some people can use a state waiver system to pay for home care. In other cases, long-term care insurance might cover these types of support. A third option is veteran’s benefits, if this applies to the person in question.

A Capable Company

River Oaks has a great track record of working with seniors and their families. We have not only a very high rate of customer satisfaction, but a high rate of satisfaction from our employed caregivers as well. We’re proud to report a 93% positive rating from the people who do the work to keep seniors safe every day!

Talk to River Oaks Homecare about care for seniors you care about. We are proud to be among the premier care providers within the state, a company with the resources and the acumen to help your family plan for the future. When you call and talk to us, you’ll see the principles of elder care in action and be confident that your planning is good.