5 Instrumental Activities Of Daily Living

Sometimes it helps families to know what we consult about during our free initial care consultations.

It helps set the stage for a more targeted discussion on what a senior family member needs to be assisted at home. That’s part of our proactive model as we work up plans for our families.

Our Services and “IADL”

At River Oaks, we offer a variety of home services according to what seniors need.

We have services for physical assistance, home health aide roles, and assistance with ‘homemaking and companionship,’ which you can read more about on the site.

We also have Alzheimer’s and dementia care plans, which is vital for those who suffer from the confusion and deeper care needs associated with these conditions.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Life: What Do We Mean?

We also enumerate instrumental activities of daily living to show what people need help with daily.

Here are five of these activities that we assist with.

Getting Groceries

People need to eat, and grocery runs are a normal part of life.

But it’s hard for seniors to get what they need, bring it home, and store it correctly in the house.

So we help with this type of planning and the logistics of getting the food into the home and properly put away.


Over time, seniors will have specific housekeeping needs. If they’re aging at home, they’ll likely need help with different areas of the house, including bedrooms, bathrooms and common living spaces. If they have any significant lawn, they’ll need help with that, too. They’ll also need help to evaluate appliances and make sure things keep working as they should!

Those are some components of planning around the housekeeping assistance that we offer. Let’s talk!


In addition to getting groceries, your senior needs hot meals.

Cooking can be a problem, either due to mobility impairment or other types of needs. For example, it may not be safe to have your senior family member around a hot stove.

So we help with meal planning and ensuring that someone living at home has access to the ready-to-eat food they need.


Getting around is also a common problem with seniors.

People don’t want to stop driving because they don’t know how they will get to appointments or go anywhere else they want to go.

By helping with transportation, we create a safe and practical plan for decommissioning your senior driver’s license.

Medication Reminders

Most seniors have an array of medicines that they take routinely. But sometimes, with memory loss and other problems, they can’t take the medications properly, and so various health conditions can arise.

By helping with medication reminders, we help keep seniors in better shape!

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