Our Technology And Our Service Model

At River Oaks, part of our mission is access and the convenience of working with families to get the very best care plans for their senior family members. When you think about how that works, it relies on some specific types of communications and models that save time and energy for everyone who’s involved in this collective process of decision-making.

With that in mind, let’s talk a little bit about the technology on our site that helps to keep everyone in the loop in an easy and convenient way.

The Family Portal

It’s common for a facility to have public information on the website. Then you click in and read about it. That’s part of the early “Web 1.0” that represented the Internet a few decades ago. But then, more became possible!

We’ve gone the extra step, now, in designing a family portal that is walled with a login, so that families themselves can get in and access information and interact with staff in a digital way. Our families do take advantage of this and like the convenience that it offers! Take a look at what you can access from home, and how that can help you to keep on top of caring for an elderly family member living here. 

Online Referrals

We also have a form online for online referrals that helps to streamline this kind of communication with people who are doing the research on senior care. Again, this is just a practical use of today’s “Web 2.0” model that offers users much more. But unfortunately, too many businesses don’t meet this need online. Then they have to do more by phone – and you know how that often goes. 

Job Applications

Another of the digital services you can find on the website is a job application resource for seeking talent from the community. That process, that talent development process, is important in building the best care model for nursing home residents and their families! We know that, and that’s why we’ve invested in this feature. 

Pennsylvania Waiver Services

Of course, there’s also the funding angle to work through, and an array of state waiver data to look at. There’s the Aging home and community-based services waiver and the Attendant Care/Act 150 Waiver, where a caregiver might be able to live in your home according to certain state criteria. There’s the Obra Waiver, a Home and Community Based Waiver program, for those with developmental physical disabilities; with the goal of achieving an independent lifestyle in a community. There’s also the Commcare Waiver – that’s a home and community-based services waiver for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Talk to us about all of this! We can help.